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Speech Therapy Bedford can help children with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties including:-

  • Late talkers

  • Speech delay (articulation and phonology)

  • Speech disorder

  • Articulation difficulties

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (also known as Verbal Dyspraxia)

  • Developmental Language Disorder (difficulties understanding and using language)

  • Word Finding difficulties

  • Dysfluency (stammering)

  • Attention and Listening difficulties

  • Social Communication difficulties

  • Children from bilingual backgrounds with additional language difficulties

Sometimes parents, carers and teachers find that a child is not getting on as well at preschool or school as may be expected. Perhaps they are not following instructions properly, they are having some behaviour problems or they are having trouble with reading. It may be worth arranging an assessment for the child to see if there are any underlying speech and language difficulties which would benefit from intervention.


Therapy for young children often takes place in the family home where children feel most comfortable. If a child is relaxed and enjoying themselves they tend to engage more fully.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in the therapy which can often lead to improved outcomes for the child. We are happy to work with grandparents or other carers as appropriate.  The more family members who are involved in therapy, the greater the chance that skills are carried over into everyday life.


We can show parents how to weave strategies into their day-to-day lives to help them support and progress their children's speech and language development, such as using toys and play.

Family having fun together


Child at School

With agreement from your child's education setting, it is often preferable that therapy takes place at school. 


Liaison with teaching staff is hugely beneficial for the child allowing for target setting and collaborative work which in turn aids the uptake of newly acquired skills.

Parents are always welcome to attend the sessions too.


Alice Gainsford, Speech and Language Therapist, at work in a school

More and more schools are employing independent Speech and Language Therapy services to support those children whose needs are affecting their access to the curriculum and their social integration at school. 


We offer direct work with early years settings or schools. This can be arranged for a single session or for an agreed period of time.  Each package of care can be tailored to your school's individual needs and supported with formal or informal staff training. Children can be provided with 1:1 or group work.

We can also write reports for use in a variety of contexts including applications for Education Health and Care Plans.

Alice Gainsford, Speech and Language Therapist and Teaching Assistant discussing how to help child with speech difficulties